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Spirited Away

Some time ago, the material began to circulate on the American-language Internet, were under the guise of translating an article with “interesting facts” about ” Spirited Away “, readers are trying to convince that this film is about prostitution.

Spirited Away | The Prostitution Scandal and How It All Actually | GoGoAnime

Spirited Away
Spirited Away | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

Fifteen years after spirited away sekiro release, it suddenly dawned on someone that in fact the cartoon was dedicated to the topic of child prostitution and that Miyazaki himself allegedly admitted this somewhere movie spirited away. Vk-public Studio GHIBLI understood the intricacies of translation and refuted this theory.

Spirited Away Cartoon 2001 watch online in high quality

Spirited Away” – how schoolgirl Tihiro Ogino did not want to leave the city where her childhood passed. Parting with friends was especially difficult the spirited away. But parents decided to move to a new place of residence, and nothing can be done about it. The car, driven by the girl’s father, unexpectedly drives off the highway onto a country road and then sticks into the arch of a narrow tunnel. Despite the protests of the daughter, adults decide to go further on foot.

Spirited away download Reddit, Passing a long dark corridor, the family finds themselves in a green valley, where there is not a single living soul, but there are bizarre-shaped buildings around and smells deliciously of freshly prepared food. Here is a restaurant where you can have a great meal. Mom and Dad are happy to pounce on food, comforting themselves by paying off the owners later. The girl, not wanting to touch exotic dishes, goes outside and begins to explore a strange settlement, which remotely resembles an abandoned amusement park. The boy who suddenly appeared urges the young guest to leave as soon as possible since it is dangerous for people to be here. The baby rushes to her parents and discovers that they have turned into two huge pigs.

GoGo AnimeTwilight thickened, and the mysterious town came to life. At the sight of black many-meter shadows with luminous eyes and an endless series of strolling monsters, Chihiro is horrified. But she will have to stay in this enchanted world in order to try to save her family, caught in the power of the evil witch Yubaba. We recommend you Spirited Away watch Cartoon 2001 to watch online in high quality for free in American completely on our website!

So about hot:

Piratebay | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

湯 or ゆ (hiragana) – from Japanese really translates as “Yu” – “hot water”. From Japanese Wikipedia: “ゆ is placed at the entrance to the sento public baths with the meaning“ Welcome! ”.” And just that. Nothing “childish.” Moreover, the symbol is written precisely by hiragana so that it is understandable even to young children, whose vocabulary is still small.

湯 女 – “hot water woman” – “young”, that is, “bath attendant”. Not all, but only some of the young, were then prostitutes. And not all baths offered intimate services. What is the fact that after the closure some attendants moonlighted as prostitutes? It’s uninteresting to write about simple workaholic-banschits, the sensation will not work.

123 movies
123 movies | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited away google drive Reddit, That’s why no face they generalize, hanging the stigma of prostitutes on all young people – who will get into searching and sorting out what’s what? By the way, in the original English text, the association with the ambiguous expression “hot woman” is unobtrusively played out spirited away grandma. With the name, allegedly, bath-brothels “Yuna Baro” and even a jamb. In Japanese, there is no word “Baro” (someone does not even know how to cheat!). Another thing, “Yuna buro” is the very kind of baths with sex services that existed along with simple baths.

Nevertheless, if spirited away anime assumes that the young women were prostitutes, then in his film Miyazaki does not show them as such and does not show any sex. He doesn’t need brothels according to the script. If the director decides to talk about it, he does it in plain text, without any hint.

Spirited Away 123 movies
Spirited Away 123 movies | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

For example, in “Princess Mononoke”, at the 34th minute, while talking about women, the phrase “Miss Ebosi recruited these women from local brothels” skips. But no one is raising a howl about prostitution in Mononoke!

湯 婆婆 – Yubaba – the old woman, the mistress of the bath. The film clearly shows how she removed almost all the characters of the surname and name 荻 野 千尋 from the signature on the contract of Ogino Chihiro, leaving only 千, which reads as “Sen”.

One Punch Man
One Punch Man | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

The first character named Chihiro began to be read in a different way. That is, this is not a new name or a pseudonym, but actually an abbreviation of the old, but with a different reading. There was Vasily Petrov, but Vasya simply became. It is important to understand that it was not Chihiro who was forced to change her name (as stated in the original article), and Yubaba herself did so that Sen remained to serve her, forgetting her real name, as happened with Haku. Obviously, there is no indecent connotation in changing the girl’s name either. This is quite common in different cultures when a new person who has just entered a society is called differently. Where to watch spirited away 2019

Faceless and his interest in Chihiro:

Spirited Away Japanese Title
Spirited Away Japanese Title | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

For some anime viewers, this is one of the most obscure points, and incomprehensibility requires clarification. The author of the original article here simplified to a primitive of instincts and wrote: “he just wanted it.” Neither justification nor explanation. In addition, the theory is embarrassing that after bathing, Chihiro calmly took Bezlikoy with her on the train and then walked with him alone through the dark forest. It’s not very smart to walk in the woods at night along with the one who just tried to “buy you”, isn’t it? google drive spirited away.

Remember the lonely ghost: what it is unnecessary, aimless, spineless, empty. Even in the world of Yubaba, he is a stranger: magic does not work on him, he even sees Chihiro on the bridge when she goes with bated breath.

Spirited Away Online Free
Spirited Away Online Free | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

During the second meeting, Sen notices him and bows politely as he passes by. She is not like everyone else – the only one who noticed the lonely Faceless and showed respect for him, which causes his curiosity. Similar interest is very characteristic of a single person, spirited away online to which they suddenly drew attention.

That is why, and not then, to wash, Faceless comes to the bathing. Pouring water, Sen meets a ghost for the third time and, leaving the door open, lets it in. She did not need anything from him, she simply felt sorry for Faceless standing in the rain on the street.

Watch Spirited Away Free
Watch Spirited Away Free | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

The ghost begins to follow her, the only one who treated him humanely. But the fact that she refuses intrigues Faceless. There is no need to drag sex here to explain this. By the way, and the frog – he also “wanted”? Watch spirited away Reddit

Watch Spirited in Theaters
Watch Spirited in Theaters | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited away no face having witnessed the greed of the crowd collecting gold from the floor, Faceless changes like a mirror, which is emphasized by the scenes of eating the frog and those two, gaining their voices and, apparently, personality traits. And now this mirror does not reflect the most beautiful in human nature. Himself from this is so bad that he demands Sen, hoping that in her presence he will return at least to his previous state.

The Spirited Away
The Spirited Away | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

He tries to bribe her, using a model that has already worked on others, but to no avail – Sen is the only disinterested among the other creatures in the baths. “You cannot give me what I need,” she says. And when she reminds him of the house, of her parents, Faceless admits that he is sad and completely locked in himself. What kind of sex is there – the character clearly complains of loneliness. Spirited away full movie Reddit.

Further ghibli, having swallowed a bitter medicine, he is very angry and offended by the girl. But at the same time, he still seeks salvation and believes her, making sure that the filling of the stomach does not satisfy the inner void.

Spirited Away Movie
Spirited Away Movie | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

In the end, turning into Chihiro’s silent companion and finding himself at Dzeniba (Yubaba’s balanced sister), the characterless werewolf gets a job – to help with the housework. The tragedy of the Faceless is in idleness and loneliness. The void that needs to be filled. Miyazaki, as it were, makes it clear that kindness, Ariana grande spirited away tattoo, care, and work are what can fill this void and save a lost soul.

Miyazaki’s Interview:

No Face Spirited Away
No Face Spirited Away | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

Towards the end, in the original article of spirited away full, they write about some kind of interview with Miyazaki, in which he allegedly said something about prostitution, children and all that. Where can I read this interview? Why are everywhere only indirect quotes taken out of context and without reference to the source? That way, a great director can be attributed to any phrase and manipulated in its own way spirited away radish spirit.

Why invent something if there are accessible and widespread interviews by Hayao Miyazaki about Spirited Away. In them, he clearly talks about what he wanted to say with his film, as well as for whom and why he shot it. There are no unacceptable scenes in the film for ten-year-old girls. And even if some adults saw hints of sex and child prostitution there, spirited away Japanese these are problems of perception of a sexually preoccupied adult, but not a ten-year-old innocent child.


No Face
No Face | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

What is more important for you – decide for yourself spirited away putlocker. That is, in the animated film there are minor nuances that may give rise to a certain desire to interpret them as references to prostitution, which, however, does not attract the “spirited away bath tokens” of the whole film. It is not necessary to have a good understanding of Japanese history and mythology in order to notice that in “Spirited Away” prostitution is not something that is not shown, they do not even talk about it.

There is nothing reprehensible in Chihiro’s activities in the baths – she plays the role of a cleaning lady, and then a student of a bathhouse attendant. It doesn’t matter if all the young people were prostitutes in the saunas of the Edo era or not all spirit – the main thing is that in the Miyazaki movie the young people are not involved in prostitution. This must be remembered when succumbing to the influence of an article on prostitution kaonashi spirited away, you want to revise the cartoon and look for dubious hints there.

Watch Spirited Away
Watch Spirited Away | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

The film is about something else. What exactly – Hayao Miyazaki clearly and readily formulated in his widespread interviews about this film. Finally, there is no evidence that Miyazaki really spoke of watch spirited away online, as a film about just such a serious topic.

PS On the features of the translation of the name of the film:

In the original version, the cartoon is called spirited away plush 千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し (“Sen is Chihiro no kamikakushi” – “Sen and the mysterious disappearance of Chihiro“).

Anime | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

Western distributors probably felt that two obscure words would not attract the attention of the audience and changed their name to “Spirited Away” (“Spirited Away“). This clearly arouses associations with Gone With the Wind – a popular film, a reminder of which will cause a keen interest in the Western audience.

Spirited Away Anime
Spirited Away Anime | Movie Review & Full Summary | Spirited Away (2001)

But the Japanese Totoro viewer will immediately pay attention to the pun in the original name. A close reading of the first two hieroglyphs sounds almost like a homonym for “sento” – Japanese public baths. In this case, the entire name of the film can be read in the meaning “Chihiro, hidden by the spirited away black balls in the bath.” In ancient Japan, it was believed that the spirits or deities 神 (kami) could kidnap or hide the 隠 す (kakusu) person, and then return him after a few years. It was believed that some kami can hide not only a person but also his name.

Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki: anime masterpiece


“This is a film for those who were once 10 years old, and for those who are still 10 years old.

Hayao Miyazaki

Despite incredible technological progress, the spirited away characters Japanese were and remain a very superstitious nation. The influence of Shintoism, the religion of the “thousand gods,” can be traced both in modern urban legends and in popular culture. Moreover, the haku from spirited away the other world more often are not new-fashioned girls from the TV, but familiar to everyone chihiro, from grandfathers to younger students, water, goblin, and other devils checked by time. They do not hesitate to visit our world full of pragmatic adult and outlandish cars from their magical world and live with people side by side. Few people have the happiness (or trouble – not all deities are as kind as the spirit of the Totoro forest) to see them with their own eyes.

With Japanese spirited away dragon tattoo and gods in the works of Hayao Miyazaki, we have already met several times. And if the meditative “My Neighbor Totoro” was a brilliant nostalgic sketch, and “Princess Mononoke” was a cruel environmental parable, then “Chihiro spirited away” turned out to be a real fairy tale, with all its inherent moves and laws. And the fairy tale is an international concept, and neither the oriental flavor nor belonging to exotic Japanese animation have become an obstacle to the triumphal procession of the picture around the world.

Little Heroine:

Little Heroine
Little Heroine | The gods of the Japanese are advanced: they laid a railway

Paradoxically, Spirited Away English was not conceived as a world blockbuster. Miyazaki made a film for ten-year-old girls who, contrary to popular beliefs, are interested in more than just love stories and magical dresses. The heroine of the new picture was supposed to be the most ordinary girl no face spirited away mask, just starting to grow up, in which it would be easy for the audience to believe, recognize themselves and begin to empathize with her.

Unlike Kiki from Witch’s Delivery Service, Chihiro didn’t have to quickly grow up, but to discover the abilities unclaimed and forgotten in a measured, spoiled life under the supervision of parents. A fabulous adventure fundamentally changed Chihiro’s character: children’s whims gave way to courage and independence.

Ghibli Spirited Away
Ghibli Spirited Away | Chihiro will have to show miracles of dexterity and courage.

However spirited away Haku, saying in an interview that he “had not made a single film for ten-year-old girls,” Miyazaki somewhat cursed. The image of a strong, courageous person is found in all of his paintings, starting with Nausikai and ending with the later Walking Castle. Nausicaa, Kiki, Sophie are vivid examples of this. In Laputa’s Heavenly Castle, Sita, although she is not the main character, shows miracles of courage and selflessness. Sun from Princess Mononoke is not far behind, cruel, as well as the nature that raised her, strong and wise in her own way.

Only the tests that Chihiro has to go through differing significantly. In the world “studio ghibli spirited away” there are no evil and good forces, nor are large-scale battles — there is no need to save the world here studio ghibli, to save yourself. But in order to survive baba Yaga and return to our reality, it is necessary to make efforts, be smart. Tears of grief cannot be helped, parents can no longer protect little Chihiro from all problems, and she will have to learn to cope herself.

Japanese Folk:

spirited away 中文” can easily be mistaken for a folk tale, this film is so close to folklore, despite bold stylistic decisions. Traditional Japanese spirited away free motifs are intertwined with the western ones, there is a railway under the windows of the bathhouse, and a clock tower rises next to the miniature restaurants. The mixture of eras and styles gave a stunning effect: the film turned out to be much brighter, more modern Haku and attractive than if it were shot in strict accordance with Japanese myths.

Spirited Away Online
Spirited Away Online | Yubaba’s establishment attracts spirits from all over the country.

But the content here is the most traditional. Chihiro’s adventure begins with moving to another city. The prospects of arranging a new home, transferring to a new school and meeting strangers scare the little girl. Chihiro is darker than the clouds, naughty and sulking all over the world. Especially for parents. Not only that, they started all this turmoil but also decided for no reason to walk through some strange terrain, like an abandoned amusement park. This visit also brought trouble on their heads.

With the typical disorder of adults baba Yaga spirited away, Chihiro’s parents committed insolence unbelievable in all fairy tales; they ate food destined for the gods. The reckoning did not take long: the parents quickly turned into pigs, and Chihiro herself fell into a wonderful world inhabited by spirits and gods. She herself almost disappeared, but she was saved by Haku, the wizard boy, who seems to have known her since childhood. He explained to her the laws of the spirit world.

Haku Spirited Away
Haku Spirited Away | Unexpected Savior

Firstly, in order not to be turned into an animal and not become a dish for the next holiday dinner, you must definitely get a job. Crying quietly and frightened by outlandish monsters, Chihiro comes to the sorceress Yubaba, the mistress of the bath for the gods, in the vicinity of which the girl and her parents managed to wander. A harmful old woman is not happy for a person in her possessions, but she cannot refuse her insistent request, this is another law of this fairy-tale world. Now Chihiro will have to clean the baths and get used to their strange visitors.

Words are of great importance in the wizarding world. It was worth Chihiro complaining about life instead of insisting on giving her a job, as she would have been eaten right there. But the contract with Yubaba had sad consequences: the sorceress took the girl’s name, and without her own name and with little memories disappearing, you can never get home. Haku again came to the aid of the little heroine. The name began to return to her, but it was too early to leave an alien world.

Haku | Horned Usioni also would like to take a steam bath.

Chihiro will soon be able to thank Haku. The boy, it turns out, neither more nor less – the god of the river, able to turn into a dragon, but Yubaba took his name and subjugated herself. Not without the help of his new friends Chihiro breaks the spell, saves the inhabitants of the bath from a terrible faceless ghost, embarks on a journey on a ghost train and, most importantly, recalls the real name of Haku. Kindness, courage and mutual assistance help them to free themselves from Yubaba’s power.

This tale has an almost happy ending. Chihiro with his parents returns home, Haku gains freedom. And only one thing overshadows the finale: no matter how close they are, no matter how often they touch, the worlds of people and spirited away full movie are divided. Who knows if Chihiro will still see the deity of the river that has saved her life so many times. Will she remember their meeting? But be that as it may, the lessons of honesty, devotion and hard work, learned in the magical world, she will not forget.

Spirited Away Full Movie
Spirited Away Full Movie | The eerie-looking grandfather Kamaji has repeatedly helped Chihiro.

Anime of the century:

The film touches on many topics specific to the work of Hayao Miyazaki. The love and separation of people belonging to two worlds are one of them. The author did not ignore environmental problems. Only one scene is dedicated to them, but what a scene! Chihiro had to wash the river god, which at first was mistaken for the spirit of garbage dumps – so much so that people clogged his native reservoir. The episode is almost autobiographical: at one time Miyazaki participated in cleaning the river near his house. Like Chihiro, he fished out a lot of trash from it, right down to the bike. Not without film and without flights. Not on airplanes, however, but on a living dragon.

Of all the works of the master, his studio and Japanese animation in general, it is this picture that has gained incredible popularity among critics and viewers of all ages and nationalities. There are a number of objective reasons for this. First of all, “Spirited Away” is a rather childish film that does not shock the Western audience with the types of battles and blood falls, as in “My Anime List” or “Dororo”. The only thing that can scare children here is scary monster spirits and those who strive to bite a little human. True, the inhabitants of the wizarding world have always been like this: in Russian and European fairy tales, for example, they often try to roast the hero alive by dinner.

Spirited Away English
Spirited Away English | The Yubaba sorceress is exactly our Baba Yaga.

GoGoAnime Website At the same time, the film cannot be reproached with excessive simplicity and lightness. This is not just an adventure, it is a story about the transformation, a ready-made recipe for how to make an exemplary, savvy and independent child out of a sad, capricious girl. Fairytale laws here have also served a good service. For her diligent work, the spirit of the river awards Chihiro with a healing pie, with the help of which she manages to help Hack and stop the Faceless Spirit, who almost devoured the entire service of the bathhouse. He could not touch Chihiro alone, because she was not posed by his wealth. Honesty, courage, and help to others, as it should be in fairy tales, here comes back handsomely, and greed and imprudence are punished immediately and cruelly.

Spirited Away Free
Spirited Away Free | It is better not to take gifts from Bezlikoy. It ends badly.

Being a “film for ten-year-old girls,” the Oscar-winning picture is not confined to a children’s audience. Behind the life lessons that the world of spirits teaches Chihiro, there is no boring, mentor tone. On the contrary, watching “Sad Anime” for adults is a pleasure. And not just because of nostalgia. The film is incredibly dynamic and beautiful: for the second time in the history of Ghibli, computer processing of images was used, and it was used with indescribable craftsmanship. The outlandish appearance of the gods, the luxurious decoration of the Yubaba cabinet, the smallest details of the interior of the bathhouse – everything is drawn with incredible attention and love.

But a vivid picture is only a pleasant addition to the rich inner world of the film. The secret to the success of Spirited Away is that this picture is close and understandable to everyone, from small to large. A trip to a fairy tale, designed not only to amuse and surprise but also to make empathy with the heroes, to remember childhood, to believe in miracles. This is exactly the story that they say: “A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it, a lesson for good fellows.” So take care of the movie disc: your children, and maybe grandchildren, will watch it with delight. And you yourself probably will not deny yourself the pleasure of revising it. Good and wise tales do not become obsolete and do not bother, but such beautiful ones are all the more so.

Spirited Away Characters
Spirited Away Characters | The first meeting of Haku and Chihiro. So you fall into the river, and there – the dragon

It is interesting:

  • Stoker coals are familiar to us from Totoro.

  • Literally, the name of the film is translated “Sen and the mysterious disappearance of Chihiro.” The name “Spirited Away” was coined by western distributors.

  • The concept of “Kamikakushi” (literally “hidden by the gods”) is a Japanese belief that spirits can hide a person: he can disappear without a trace for a long time or for good.

  • The bathhouse was present in two of the director’s projects, which were never implemented: the film adaptation of Sachiko Kashiwaba’s book “The Mysterious City Behind the Fogs” and the film “Rin, Chimney Artist”.

  • The final song Ghost-Spirited Itsumo Nandodemo was written for the never-shot movie Rin, the Chimney Artist. Miyazaki really liked her, he constantly listened to her and decided to include her in his new project.

  • Miyazaki invented the appearance of most of the gods on his own, partly gleaned from Japanese folklore.

  • The world of spirits is decorated in the pro-Western style of the Meiji era architecture (about 120 years ago), in which traditional Japanese motifs mixed with the western one. It looks like Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite amusement park, Edo Tokyo Tatemonoen, with houses and shops inspired by the Meiji and Taisho eras.

  • According to the original intention of the director, the film was supposed to last more than three hours, so it had to be pretty reduced.

  • Chihiro spent only three days in the world of spirits, but it is not known how much time has passed in the world of people. Apparently, much more: this is indicated by the car of her parents, covered with dust and leaves.

  • The jumping lantern, showing Chihiro’s road to Dzeniba’s house, is a clear reference to the Pixar symbol, the small Luxo Jr desk lamp .. Miyazaki is a big fan of the work of this studio.

Records and Awards:

In 2002, Miyazaki was awarded the Berlin Film Festival for his work on the painting.

In 2003, Spirited Away became the first anime nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Feature Film category and the first anime to receive this award, having overtaken such films as Ice Age and Lilo and Stitch. This film was and remains the longest Oscar-nominated in this category. In the same year, he was awarded four “Annie” awards in the categories “Best Anime”, “Best Director,” “Best Music,” “Best Screenplay.”

Spirited Away also became the best film of the year according to the Japanese and Hong Kong film academies and was named the best animated film of the year by the National Council of Critics of America. In total, he received more than 30 different awards.

The film was nominated for a number of prestigious awards, including the Nebula Prize (in the nomination “Best Screenplay”) and “Hugo” (in the “Best Dramatic Picture” nomination).

Studio Ghibli
Studio Ghibli | Oh my god, we won the Oscars! Thanks to mom, dad, and the director!


In the mysterious world of sorcerers and pigs, housekeepers and shadows, frogs and giant children, we are faced with the story of a girl told in a somewhat impressionistic, usually unusual for cartoons, manner. Very sensual and subtle – without obvious promises in the forehead and unnecessary obsession, chuckling at all the pretentiousness and greed of the mysterious world, to which the young child, in contrast, gives his kindness, which alone is capable, as if by magic, to break the spell and turn all the swine there into humanity.

A simple family, seized by the author’s will at what seems to be the most random moment of their life, falls into a certain Baroque town, violates local law, brazenly sitting in a cafe and eating a forbidden dinner. Immediately the next punishment, the turnover of father and mother, can only be corrected by a small daughter. With what does quiet Chihiro redeem this punishment, at the same time breathing life into a society that has decayed, like the Master of the Rivers?

Naturally, of course. His childish genuine sincerity. It is typical that the sister, as well as a much more innocent shadow (after all, an important thing in the film) of the sorceress Yubaba lives in a swamp, in a small quiet estate reminiscent of a farm. Miyazaki gently hints that in the world of business confusion (completely echoing Japan’s rebellion from the war), where the contract is more expensive than human life, this life itself has no place. People here do not survive, either immediately turning into animals, or forgetting their true self. And only love, true and true, can help us return something important, something that was once lost. Probably a name.

Hayao’s fantasy, which frightened me so much in childhood that I even had to whisper an awkward request to leave the cinema in my mother’s ear, is now falling in love with itself, with its unsaid imagery. So unsaid and unobvious that when Chihiro, having finally met his parents, doubts for a second the reality of what happened, only the elusive gleam of gum, a gift from the sorceress’s sister, tells us that this is all true. And of course, it’s important to remember your names.

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