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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of the grown-up Goku who, alongside his partners, protects the earth against a grouping of villains extending from intergalactic space fighters and heroes, unnaturally powerful androids and close to indestructible magical creatures. While the first Dragon Ball Anime finished Goku through childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z Super is a continuation of his adulthood life, but at the same time parallels the development of his child, Gohan, just as different characters from Dragon Ball Super and more. The separation between the series is likewise critical as the last series takes on a more dramatic and serious tone. The anime additionally highlights characters, situations, and back-stories not present in the first Best Anime.

Dragon Ball Z | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime Oh. Let’s not talk about everything, but only briefly the main thing? There were very, very many animes. The Dragon Ball Z kakarot (also often referred to as Dragon Ball Z Budokai) is the one and only. It is finished (and thanks for that, I left it for 20 years), it contains 42 volumes. Initially, there was a TV series for 153 episodes (it tells about Goku’s childhood). Then three films came out, this is an alternative version of the TV series (that is, a new adaptation of my anime list, but already in the form of a full-length film).

Then came the second season of the TV series, Goku Dragon Ball Z, episode 291 – a further adaptation of the gogoanime, the continuation of the first series (tells about the adult Son Goku and his son). Then for several years came out movies (thirteen pieces) and in addition a sheep and two specials. All of them are side stories, that is, with a separate plot. After what episode of the series which movie (Kovach, special) should be watched – I have no idea.

Then came the third season, Dragon Ball GT – a continuation of Dragon Ball Z Kai (about already adult children of the heroes of the previous season and about their children, that is, the grandchildren of the heroes of the first season). Then, strangely enough, the fourth film of the first season came out, also an alternative version. Then there was a special for Dragon Ball GT (side story) and another movie, the sequel to Dragon Ball Z Capitulo.

And finally DBZ, a new TV series, Dragon Ball Kai, is a remake of the first season. The manga is filmed anew and promised to follow it more accurately (since the still leaving manga was filmed before that, discrepancies were inevitable). Already 10 episodes have been released. The next, 11th episode Dragon Ball Z Game will be released on June 14th.

10 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters

1. Vegeta:

Vegeta is a Dororo fictional character from the Dragon Ball Z anime series created by Akira Toriyama. Vegeta is my favorite character. With a strong and rude attitude, he is a tough opponent to win and a worthy, albeit dubious, ally. His romance with Bulma is perhaps a sign of how he began to get softer, and she works wonders in her heart! He has the good, deep inside him, as evidenced by his noble sacrifice during the Majin Buu Saga. He is an experienced and powerful warrior with an extreme (and very funny) ego, as well as the soft side that we all know Dragon Ball Z Games.

Vegeta | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

The loyalty of Vegeta is undoubtedly much higher than all. Did Dragon Ball Z Kakarot achieve his super-Siyan transformation by training under 100x gravity in 6 days? Vegeta tirelessly trained under 300 times the gravitational motion and exceeded 400 times the value of gravity for 4 or more years, and then traveled through space, a long and wide training with meteors for so long to find the mother of all meteors to which he gathered his the remaining power to destroy. Only then, thanks to his passionate anger, did he achieve his transformation of the Super Sayan. Kakarot was practically born with an indefinite potential, which is always easy to obtain, and Vegeta struggled all her life alone to be on a par with him. He surpassed his limits like no other. Feeling as deep like this, “What makes more sense than your own power?” Vegeta can be fully understood. Moreover, his pride, and not just arrogance for vanity, no, it is much nobler.”

He is arrogant, proud, proud, reclusive and VERY stubborn, but he is also a very smart, serious, tactical and very strong ally. Akira Toriyama designed it to be different from other characters. He wanted you to understand how alien Vegeta (because he is an alien), giving him a tanned skin tone, reddish-brown hair and English names for his signature: IE big bang attack, final flash, final explosion, final shine, galaxy pistol (this is supposed to be a garlic gun). If you notice, all else signature signatures are in Japanese. These qualities defiantly set Vegeta apart from all the other characters in Dragon Ball Z Online. I don’t like how radically this feature (worse) and the Ocean, made by what the Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 characters in the original Japanese version actually say. In my opinion, he does not speak as impudently as in the English version.

2. Goku:

Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main character in the Juegos Dragon Ball franchise, created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities, such as superpower, ki use, flying, teleportation, superhigh speed, advanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transform, which increase strength, speed, and durability. It’s so great when in Super Saiyan 4 Kamehameha x10! absolutely the best and strong character in Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3, I love the Vegeta, but the side is only absolutely cleaning in the fight and has been saving everything more than once in its life, what much?

Goku | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

My absolute favorite Juegos. With a bully, serious, enthusiastic attitude on the battlefield and a happy, cheerful, positive and optimistic personality, as well as his good nature, Goku has always been known for his ability to make villains change sides and warm the hearts of the people around him, make them feel wealthy and happy. He has motivated millions of readers around the world. Just being around him makes people feel safe and admire the friendly atmosphere surrounding him.

Many people may think that Goku is a boring character, and believe that his character has not changed throughout the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but I do not agree. I see that he has matured from an innocent little boy to a great hero protecting those whom he loves, he strives to become better and be the strongest, constantly fighting for what, in his opinion, is right. However, his character development is shallow compared to his son, Vegeta or Piccolo, but what makes Goku great is the impact he has on the anime industry, as well as it’s meaning for young children around the world.

He really did not motivate me and countless children to be better, work and never give up, helped us overcome our fears and fight for loved ones, as well as justice. Therefore, Goku became a sad anime icon, which will last forever in the hearts of people and, in my humble opinion, the greatest anime character of all time. He is the most inspirational character I’ve ever seen Naruto. He may not be a real hero, but I like that he cares about his friends, they help him to go beyond him. That’s why I can put up with Goku in Super. He is very interesting and very kind.

3. Trunks:

Tires (ト ラ ン ク ス, Torankusu) is Bulma and Vegeta’s first earth and hybrid son, and Bulla’s older brother. Fonts are one of my favorite Dragon Ball Z Characters. I like all versions, including future chests, real chests, and real teenage chests. The relative attitude of the current trunks makes him especially my favorite. He may be Saiyan, but he seems to be the most optimistic (besides Goku, of course) about things that just look impossible. Future chests were also a great character, only Vegeta, being his father, made the plot much better. It was great to see him hit the end of Frieza.

Trunks | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Tires are the best. He gave him everything to defeat the androids, Crates and other villains with whom he fought. AMAZING MOVEMENT Juegos De Dragon Ball, he hid Frieze with 5 strokes of his sword and a huge energy blast. I think teen chests are the best because he had balls to resist androids, and when he came to the camera, he tried his best, and his transformation in the USA was amazingly better than vegetation, and his hair spikey is the awesome, best drum ball z character ever.

4. Gohan:

Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the main character, Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi in the 1966 chapter Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on October 24, 1988. Gohan’s power level is constantly increasing, the more he is pushed. If Toriyama left with his original idea of ​​making him the main character after the biting saga, you bet that he will be number one on each of these power lists. His powers are based on his emotions, so they increase rather than decrease during the battle.

Gohan | Dragon Ball Z Characters

In other words. He is BADASS. Constantly growing latent forces. Looked Garlic Jr. Approximately 3 or 4. – An alternative colleague defended the Earth from androids up to 23 years. -First young Super Saiyan. -The first half of the breed to achieve SSJ. – Only an unoccupied demi Saiyan to achieve SSJ2. – CHARGE CELL. (In-person, Hercule!) Two words: one-handed Kamehameha. – Fresh your head with Broil at age 18. I bought Frieze in less than 5 seconds. – Excellent than Super Buu, before the takeover of Gotenks and Piccolo. With its mystical form, Gohan is officially the most powerful non-performing fighter at the end of the Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan is such a badass when it destroys a camera. I don’t even consider the saga when it became 10 times weaker, but he is the only one who really got a real family in Dragon Ball Z Episodes. He is the first to pierce sleigh armor! (Remember that he didn’t even have the training, etc.). He fought with Frieze when he was just a kid. He completely defeated the camera when he was a teenager. He was stronger than Buu! Only when Buu absorbed Piccolo did he think he was a little weaker. He really is a real fighter, like his father, and his emotions gave him this additional advantage. However, he lacks the killer instinct that the real Sayan has, for example, Goku Dragon Ball Z and Vegeta, and this makes him more humane and acceptable.

5. Piccolo:

Piccolo is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared in Chapter 161 of the Dragon Ball manga in Shonen Jump magazine on February 22, 1988. Piccolo killed Reitz. Piccolo the strongest of the Piccolo race uses special beam cannon Piccolo is the middle green ass.

Piccolo | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

I like all the Dragon Ball Z characters, but I love Piccolo, he was most of all the most amazing Dragon Ball Devolution of all time (in my opinion), without him everyone would be dead, maybe he died 3 times, but these were all victims, and without him everyone would be dead and Gohan would be weaker than he is a green but footing machine.

6. Bulma:

Bulma is a fictional character in the Juegos De Dragon Ball Z manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Bulma the most significant female character in the series. Bulma’s character has evolved better than any other in the series. Initially, she was the source of youthful humor corresponding to the series. She later matured into a woman who could take care of her family and began to reflect on the softer side of Vegeta. Honestly, Bulma is amazing. She is not only funny and witty, but also a genius creating a laser cannon for 5 people and a portable dragon radar for 16 people, as well as repairing other people’s equipment and creating a time travel machine. Constantly she confronts others, much stronger than she, and tries to reason with them. Simply put, Bulma never backs down!

Bulma | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Surprisingly, Bulma is growing. She is always a bad ass on her terms. She couldn’t throw a punch or hit a villain, but unlike other warriors, she never becomes useless due to her mental and engineering skills. Kudos to the lady who came up with time travel created some of the first interplanetary spacecraft, was an amazing single mother, hacked by scouts and home Veget. Go Deux ex Bulma!

7. Frieza:

Freeza (Pronounced “Frieza” in the Funimation dub) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball  Z Shin Budokai, Akira Toriyama, as the main antagonist of the freedom saga. He is a galactic tyrant who runs the Planet’s Trade Organization and fears the universe for its sadistic and cruel nature. He led the best battle scenes in the Dragon Ball Z Symbols! He is a cold and cunning bastard who got the best from Goku like no one before or after. (I don’t even consider these stupid GT episodes).

Frieza | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Frieza is the best, as it is a galactic tyrant. He is practically the cruelest and popular villain in the entire dragon franchise. Not only that, he gives Goku the longest flight in the history of GoGoAnime Website. If only Frieza kills Goku instead of Krilin, then no force in the entire universe can stop him from total destruction, since he will probably destroy the whole planet Earth, so the cell and Mayin Buu will not even have the opportunity to imagine, and if the cell and Mayin Buu even not introduced, then who can defeat Frieza in the entire universe?

Frieza is simply amazing; for the most part, he kept himself up against the Super Sayan and survived severe wounds that would kill someone else. He is a master in many tricks, and, above all, he is so strong that he must weaken himself so as not to kill people, to fast and destroy the planets in its weakest form.

8. Krillin:

Krillin (ク リ リ ン, Kuririn) is the main character in the Dragon Ball manga, as well as the anime series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. Krillin is a representation of hope and perseverance. He is not the strongest, or the coolest, or the highest, or the fastest, but he still always fights to the end, providing all kinds of humor and good times along the way. Plus he scored android 18. RESPECT. Krillin is so underestimated … he helped the Goku and others many times, saving what he had to fight for.

Krillin | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

The strongest man is alive, married a never-aging hot girl, carved by the Frieza fairy tale … Seriously, what makes Krillin so wonderful that he knows that he is not as strong as the opponents with whom he is fighting, but he still goes and fights with them to protect his friends. REMEMBER EVERY TIME KRILLIN DIES IT “VERY PROTECT YOU”.

9. Cell:

The Cell is a fictional character in the Uniqlo Dragon Ball Z series by Akira Toriyama. He is the main antagonist of Android Saga, being an android / artificial life form from the future, whose goal is to become “ideal” through absorbing androids 17 and 18 and become the strongest fighter in the universe. He uses his skills and tricks to outwit some people. He even told Goku that he is stronger than him and has a cool design. Am I the only one who loved Semi-Perfect Cell? Plus, we saw his story from the DEAD DEFENSE TO THE DEAD HOLES (Larva form to the Perfect form in Hell) Unlike the “SOME” people we see since 20 years old. CELL / SULFUR BEST!

Cell | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

A Cell is my favorite villain, even if he is more selfish than Vegeta. What to wait for ?! You do not know what I’m talking about? Well, in short, His dying words were “IMPOSSIBLE! I AM PERFECT! ”Understand what I mean? He is really sick, although he deserves number 9 instead of 7. Frieza was ruthless and evil, Buu was incredibly powerful, but Kat, on the other hand, was perfect. His powers were cooler. He could do everything he could, but better than Frieza, the same applies to most Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games. His offspring were at least as strong as Vegeta, and he could produce them without problems. Finally, the gap between Buu and Cell is much smaller than the gap between Frieza and Cell.

10. Broly:

Broly is the main antagonist of the Triple Threat Brooch trilogy and the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. He seems to be the last of the legendary super-Sayans who appear every thousand years. His father was Paragus. Okay, let’s look at his track record. He survived, being stabbed into the chest like a child. She fled from an exploding planet, making an energy shield. Received a blow from Vegeta, as if it were nothing, in a limited form of super Sayan. Destroyed the planet with one barely charged, probably ordinary, ki explosion. Broken Trunks in the rock, and the building, then he no longer stood up. He hit Goku during the first half of the fight, and Goku finally got out of the ki fire. He took all the kicks, kicks and much more as if they were nothing. He took Kamehameha to a person capable of destroying the planet several times Gateau Dragon Ball Z.

Broly | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Personally, beat Goku into the ground. Made Vegeta was scared for half the film. It deserves a mention. He killed his father and threw him into a comet heading for the planet. Survived being blown up from the inside, Overestimate. I don’t like bro a lot. AM! It has a power level of 1.4 billion. (Confirmed through TOEI’sDaizenshuu 6: Movies & amp; TV specials” Production Guide) UNFUSED, with a regenerative energy source, an energy shield that protects it in extreme conditions, formidable flash fires of Ki, Eraser Cannon blast, and FUTURE OMEGA PLANET TO BE FILLED SAID Guy is a living god, scared, super-tuned, NATURAL Ki Manipulation.

Barring any Buu past Tolstoy, merging, Super Sayan 3s (Goku / Gotenks), Ultimate Gohan, or some of the film’s later villains, Balal has little equal at the end of the day, One on one, he can match Super Saiyan 2s. I am content with lightness, constant supply of Ki and strength/muscle mass, makes me believe. This guy has the potential to be the strongest Dragon Ball Z Capitulos completos en español latino saga de cell if he really trains. I mean thinking about it, he never trained, but he beat all the fighters, even Goku.

10 Worst Dragon Ball Z character

1. Supreme Kai:

He allowed Spopovich and Pit to steal Gohan’s energy. The Z-Warriors made are hidden behind the hills, even after Dabura killed Kibito and then turned Piccolo and Krilin into stone for real. Prevented Vegeta from punching their way to the base of the Babidi spaceship makes him MAY revive Majin Boo, although he knows that Majin Boo needs 100% energy to be reborn, and even if that were the case, he would be greatly weakened, thus, easy for Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta to exterminate.

Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

I completely underestimated the powers of the Sayans and completely overestimated the enemies, only realizing my mistake during his duel, despite the fact that he had several cases of combining 2 and 2 together. He did not warn Gohan about Bose’s ability to absorb humans … perhaps with his deadliest technique. Without him, the entire Saga would not have happened at all. Of course, he saved Gohan’s life from Fat Boo, but otherwise, he could draw M on his forehead and work for Babidi for all the “help”.

Because he will never give Gohan a chance at a sword and will make the most difficult material in the universe, so Gohan can swing on it and break a sword, as well as not vegetative or ultimate Gohan.

2. Frost:

Does this guy want CHEAT to defeat Goku and Piccolo? He must be # 1. This guy was wasted. In fact, it seemed like Goku and friends had to face an interesting dilemma: if they win, they will get Super Dragon Balls, but they will also pursue Frost’s efforts in favor of their universe, and they could potentially destroy billions of lives. Then the writers completely rejected this and made him the general tyrannical overlord at the last second, so we would not be bad if he got his butt dragon ball z full episodes.

And the reason people hate this guy is because they think he cheated at the tournament, although the poison was a natural part of his body like Magetta’s thermoreactor. The only reason he likes such people is that he looks like Frieze, except that he sucks.

3. Puar:

Puar | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Such a boring flying cat, Yamaha, Goku, chichi, Bulma, Krillin and everyone else better stop seriously voting for them, what’s wrong with you. Puar should not fight. I’m not the best (wait, he is) bee and Puar and are adorable. But no one but Yamaha loves him? Puar should not fight you for 4 years! It doesn’t matter if he is weak, that he is not programmed to fight! And he is so compassionate, and you should have seen him when Yamaha died. I mean, I don’t care, but Puar of course. He has the sweetest voice, and I almost thought he was a girl!

4. Android 18:

Android 18
Android 18 | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Who put it! She is the best female character. She is not so bad, I actually find her worse when she was married to Krillin (Roshi discovered a crunch of a skull). Android 17, on the other hand, is an overpriced jerk! His plan to get to Goku in Camiaus (which is located in the middle of the ocean) is to go there in a van WHEN HE KNOWS THAT AND HIS SIBILITY CAN BE YEARS ON OUR MAKE 9! Not surprisingly, Imperfect Cell prefers to eat it first, it is necessary to cope with it! Super 17 (mostly C-17 and lazily named & quote-Fighter 17 & amp; combined) is even a lamer, with his death to Goku – I mean & quote; Kid Goku & amp; quote; charge through his belly a complete revision of King Piccolo’s regime of death dragon ball z Blu ray.

5. Android 17:

Android 17
Android 17 | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

A useless loser added, to turn to a more useless fan base, 17 got involved in all his appearances. Stupid guy and lame. What was its purpose, except to go against Hero and soak in? The future version was more effective for the plot, but still sucked and easily beaten by future chests. He sucks and was a very stupid character who didn’t even get a death scene, a stupid and miserable childish idiocy of driving a car and playing a cowboy, dragon ball z tattoo which is a waste of time.

6. Gotenks:

He is the reason the Buu saga is so unbearable. On top of a terribly boring topic, he is a snobbery over a confident idiot who somehow managed to get the worst qualities out of chests and got it. His double voice gave me headaches, his skill imagens de dragon ball z put all the power to shame, he had an ugly old man who looked his hair and deserved to die in a hyperbolic time chamber. Each time he opened his mouth, I hoped that Goku and Vegeta would return from the grave to teach him respect, he further lowered Piccolo’s voice to a nanny and nothing and made me want to take root to destroy the Earth because even Super Buu had more redeeming qualities. In short, he sucks, and I hate him.

Gotenks | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Gotenks is the reason Fusion started, and boogie magic was so stupid. He is too confident that most dragon ball episode list fighters will turn into chocolate. Then, when he hides his super-Sinai powers, he can finally do something useful. In general, he is stupid over a confident idiot. Stupid. He had to make the battle “more fantastic” or something that was not for anyone; Piccolo tricked for no reason. Then he had the strength to scream at Piccolo to destroy the door when all he knew was the only chance to save the earth. It was all his fault that they were trapped, all the people of the earth were destroyed, & amp; goten & amp; characters of young chests that they hated so much.

7. Roshi Master:

Roshi Master
Roshi Master | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Why is Bulma currently at number 5 on this list, and Master Roshi only at number 11? Does this mean that people see a problem with Bulma’s behavior cuantos capitulos tiene dragon ball z, but not with the person who sexually abuses her? I understand that the show plays Bulma as a stupid teenage girl who does not deserve to be treated well and encourages the audience to sympathize with Master Roshi as a lonely old who just wants to have some fun, but you think that people would be smart enough to understand this dragon ball z costume.

Honestly guys? How is Master Roshi not closer to the top? He groped and sexualized girls and women just for that. An old man who wants to grab the 16-year-old’s boobs is not funny, it’s creepy. I find him REALLY creepy, he is some old guy who lives on an island in the middle of the ocean, and all he does is related to a woman who is like 16 similar objects … And he only accepted Krilin as his student, because Krylon gave him a dirty magazine … videos de dragon ball z (I admit that the part was pretty funny).

8. Casserole:

Pan (パ ン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball Z drawing created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of the Savior of the Earth, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan.
The thing to keep in mind about Pan is that she is a fictional character, and if she acts in a certain way, it is because the authors wanted her to be like that. If she is the boss and screaming, this is because the writers wanted her to be boss and screaming. If dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team never does anything, it is because the writers did not want her to ever do anything useful.

Casserole | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

If she is significantly weaker than Goku and chests, then this is because the writers wanted her to be much weaker than Goku and chests. And why do they need these things? Dragon ball z sullca based on the legacy left by Dessin Dragon Ball and Hyper Dragon Ball Z, I would say that this is due to the fact that people involved in this franchise cannot imagine that a woman is helpful and pretty or simply refuses to do it. This is a reason to hate people working on it.

Do not count Dragon Ball GT, this is non-canon! In the original Dragon Ball Z devolution unblocked, Pan, is very cute, delightful and powerful and has the potential to fly around the earth at the age of four, thus making her much stronger than Goku and Gohan at the same age. She is one of the cutest topo de bolo Dragon Ball Z characters next to baby Houghton! She is also my fourth favorite character. My absolute favorite Dragon Ball Z villains should not be here. She is such a charming but powerful baby and a strong-willed little fighter!

9. Chi-Chi:

Chi Chi is the worst character in Dragon Ball Z costumes history, precisely because her Gohan became a wimp in the first place, Goku had to marry Bulma. Why is she not # 1? She is stupid, ugly, annoying and useless. She basically made Goku marry her. Gohan wanted to marry Videla for his money. She is much worse than Hercules.

Chi Chi’s character is poor. Stupid, selfish and loud, loud imágenes de dragon ball z. Most people despise her because of this. She has an unbearably bad attitude, which is why you want her to be right in front of you to tell her to shut up. Before defending her desire to make him smart with a good education. He was at home, trained and protected. He demonstrates that he was very socially inept in his school saga to such an extent that he simply wanted it to stop. He even demonstrated that he could not even cook a dragon ball z card game.

What else makes a child sit and learn every day without any exercise, inhibits brain development. Her character is a meaningless element of the conflict as a whole. Her father is a martial artist, she was raised to become a military artist, her husband is a military artist, as well as her relatives Yurik and Videl.

10. Majin Buu:

Majin Buu
Majin Buu | Best & Worst Dragon Ball Z Characters | GoGoAnime

Majin Buu (Spelled “Majin Buu” in English Dub) is a fictional character in the dragon ball z Capitulo 190 by Akira Toriyama. He is the fourth and final chief antagonist of Dragon Ball Z, a creature of pure evil created by the wizard Bibbidi to attack a series of the universe before the series begins. Ha, he’s funny. Remember that he did us a favor and killed chi-chi?  You are completely crazy, a great villain who is hard to beat on any device. I thought Magin Buu was FULL! However, I prefer Kid Buu and Super Buu!

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